Adk2, PLYmedia’s core product, is a white-label private exchange enabling ad networks to maximize their revenue.

With this seamless, end-to-end platform, some of the world’s leading networks easily operate and manage their advertisers and publishers.

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With Adk2, you can:

  • > Connect your advertisers and publishers in the most efficient way

    > Match the most effective ad to the end-user with our unbeatable prediction engine

    > Achieve the best results from performance and video campaigns

    > Manage the entire life-cycle of your business (leads & customer management, finance & billing)

    > Get higher eCPM rates for your traffic!
  • Adk2′s main features:

    • > Unbeatable prediction engine

      > Full branding for your network

      > Various creative & pricing types support

      > Easy configuration and workflow

      > Customized financial management

      > Best-of-breed analytics & reporting modules

      > Value-added capabilities such as fraud prevention, full transparency, mobile and video advertising optimization

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